Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Trials Part 1

I love Pinterest. I have been pinning so much stuff, from cool art projects to recipes and organization tips. But what good is pinning if you don't try to use the inspiration it provides? So I am planning on trying out the ideas that I pin, and posting the results here.

Here are a few that I have tried so far:

Using embroidery hoops as frames for stitching and patterned fabric. I have had some old embroidery, stitched by my Great Grandma Ida and her mother, which were in the form of tea towels.  I did use them for a bit but that felt wrong.  You never know when a hubby or kid will stain them or damage them forever.  But since the designs were stitched on the corners, it was hard to just frame them.  Well, I saw on Pinterest about framing fabric this way, so I tried it out for these.  The hardest part for me was cutting the fabric.  Once it was done...that was it.  Very hard.  But I am pleased with the look.  I have a few more to put up.  These are currently hanging in my daughter's room, right next to a quilt that my Great Grandma Ida made as well.  With embroidered panels.  So it all ties in nicely!

Using Priority Mail boxes as magazines boxes. It was so easy to do!  Just follow the tutorial and you will get two magazine boxes from one Priority Mail box.  I plan on covering these as well as making more.  No more store bought ones! The tutorial isn't for boxes that hold scrapbook paper.  You will have to make it taller so that the paper won't flop over.  A friend of mine is planning on using plastic envelopes to hold her scrap paper, then put them in these boxes.  Great idea! You could color code the envelopes or boxes to match the paper stored there.  So many ideas!

I have a few more projects for next week so stay tuned for more trials!

Happy Scrappy Savings!



  1. I do love the hoop look too! But I don't know if I could cut anything, I would probably bunch all of the fabric in the back, lol!

  2. I thought about it but they were huge dish towels. I am planning on reusing the material for future embroidery.


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