Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birds in Hats Swap Teaser

So far I have finished 2 of my coasters for the Alpha Stamps Birds in Hats Swap.  I wanted to share a snippet with you because I am in love with them!  I am making a second set just for me because I love them!

The first one is my Surfer Birds in bathing caps.  I have redone the caps to be more noticeable, but this gives you an idea. It is hard to see the shine of the Perfect Pearls on this, but I love that stuff!

Next is my Big Chief coaster, where a chief is welcoming newcomers.  When I finish this for myself, I may make the little birds have pirate hats.  We'll see!

My last one will involve Hula Dancers.  Will be lots of fun!  I can't wait to post the full project and what I plan on doing with mine for a wall hanging!  Also, when I get my swap coasters back, I will post them here and show you how I plan on displaying them!  Yea!

Happy Scrappy Savings!


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