Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Great Goodwill Trip

Went out to the local Goodwill yesterday to see what I could see. Would have searched for more but the kiddos were restless.

My major find was the library catalog drawer mail sorter. It was a whopping $4.99, which is high for Goodwill, but it is sturdy and a great color. I don't know yet if I will alter it, but it works as is.

Other finds include a spice rack ($1.99), metal index card box ($0.99), two tins ($0.99 each), a plate stand ($0.99), a package of 36 cool metal buttons ($0.99), and a cute prayer plaque ($0.99). Include books for the kiddos, new ballet tights, and a dinosaur origami kit, grand total was less than $24.00. Love filling up 2 bags for so cheap!

So head out to your local thrift store and let me know what you find!

Happy Scrappy Savings!



  1. What fabulous finds - I love the mail sorter:-) TFS


  2. Love the mail sorter and I can just see jars of buttons and glitter lined up in that spice rack. What a great haul!


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