Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring is all around!

Here in Maryland, the spring flowers are blooming, neighbors are in their yards clearing away winter. This is our first spring in this house and the flowers have been wonderful!

This is out tulip tree in the front yard! My folks have one at one of their rentals, and I always thought they were so pretty! Apparently, down south, they call these Magnolia trees! I thought those were supposed to be white?? Anyway, Michiganders say tulip tree! Only downside is the mess of blooms on the ground!

We have these mini daffodils right be the front door. The kids loved them! My goal is to plant more bulbs so the entire flower bed is covered!

I don't know what these green cabbage looking things are. My mom said they were just low ground cover. Pretty though!

And you can tell from this pic that tulips will be blooming soon! Hopefully for Easter!

I hope everyone has a nice Good Friday and a great Easter!


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