Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tallyscrapper Challenges

There are a couple of great challenges that embody the spirit of Scrap Savings going on over at Tallyscrapper!  You just have to check them out, along with all the other great challenges!  This is a great way to use your stuff!!

Cyber Crop Scrap Challenge
by NikkiZ
04/09 to 04/30 (midnight PST)

Okay ladies, the cyber crop is underway!  Let the games begin!  Since it's tax time.....(and hopefully we've all gotten some $ back)....let's scrap about what we'd do with with a big old tax return....would you want to take a vacation? off some bills? that certain scrappy item that you've been wanting?  Tell us!

Rules are -

Must be an 8.5x11 page
Must use bright, springy colors
Picture or no picture....

But the key is to use scraps,....that's right, use all scraps and leftovers on this page (except for your 8.5x11 background that can be a scrap or not)...since we're saving that money for something special, use up what you've got as far as scrappy supplies go...

Use some ribbon/lace/pompons somewhere
And...lastly, use a $ sign somewhere on the page.

Have fun!  Can't wait to see what ya'll do!

Material Girls
by BrandyScraps (Owner of Tallyscrapper)
04/09 to 04/11 (midnight PST)

Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to create a layout about your 'things'. Stuff you love, stuff you hate, stuff you want, stuff you need to get rid of, etc.
  • more than one picture
  • no pics of people
  • use at least one old scrapbooking item. Something you have had in your stash for at least 6 months...a year would be better. Be sure to tell us what that item is. 
by Inkster (Our very own Kris!!) 
04/09 to 04/17 (midnight PST)

Okay ladies - let's scrap and be pennywise and earth friendly!
Re use as much as possible (packaging,junkmail,scraps etc) in your layout.
The ONLY non recycled stuff can be your main background paper and your photo. 
Everything else has to be recycled. For letters you can cut them out, stencil or WRITE. No thickers/stickers unless they're mismatched leftover letters from old alpha sets that you would probably never use.
Get creative making junkmail/scrap paper embellies!
Hunt through your costume jewelry and junk drawers for fun stuff to use!
Get creative and HAVE FUN!
This is a great exercise in creativity AND frugality :)
Man up ladies! :D
by Tallylibrarian (ME!!)
Hey ladies! So, we are all going to start saving money for scrapping by giving ourselves $1 per page that we create. But we all need a piggy bank of sorts so you need to dig into your stuff and find a container to alter. It can be a small box, any kind of jar, you name it. I'm going to alter the top of a Mason jar. But this will be where your money or IOU's go. Remember to only use stuff you already have. Use up those scraps from other pages. Make something cool from them. I know you can. Kris and I will post different ideas for saving money on our blog, so that you can finally use up some of your stuff.

Can't wait to see what you create!! 


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