Friday, April 9, 2010

Altered Containers

Okay, now we are on our way to saving money!  Here is my jar.  Nice way to get started.

I used a vintage jar that my grandma gave me for this. I replaced the lid with a tomato sauce one though, so I didn't care if I goofed. It was also easier to use than the two piece canning lids.

Kris and I saw a tutorial on making flowers, so we cut them out of heavy weight pp, soaked them in starch and water for about 30 minutes, then curled or bent them to the shape we wanted. Then we used a heat gun to dry them.

I put foil on the lid to give it more of a mound, then squished the flowers on!!

Used a lot from the March Tallyscrapper kit! Loved it!!

I already have money in my jar!! Yeah!!

Please link to your container! We want to see all the wonderful creations you have made!!

There is a gallery at Tallyscrapper in the Altered Gallery for those Tallygirls out there.  If you aren't a Tallygirl yet, go sign up, it's free!

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