Sunday, April 4, 2010

Savings Jar Expanded

It is tough being a SAHM because DH expects you to be a housewife too.  Can't I just play with Gwyn all day?  Take care of her?  And it's hard not getting a paycheck.  What motivates me to actually do the housework?  I need incentives!

So, I decided today, after realizing, AGAIN, how much I loath housework and cooking, that I am going to reward myself with money for each chore I do.  And since there are so many chores, I will only put 50 cents in for each.  That means that I need to finish the load of dishes or laundry by putting them away where they belong.  No more clean dishes or clothes everywhere.  This will also encourage me to cook at home more instead of eating out.  In fact, eating out (for dinner) will cause money to be taken away. 

This helps with the other thing I was going to save money with...Weight Loss! For each pound I lose I will put in $1.  And...when I hit 10 lbs, each pound after that gets $2, after 20 lbs. gets $4 each, etc.  More money for higher weight loss.  I was thinking of putting money in for each walk I take and everytime I use my Wii Fit.  Then the money I earn can be for anything I want, not just scrapbooking!!  Some new clothes that will fit my smaller self, mani/pedi, new hair style, etc.

What are you going to use your jar for?  Just scrap savings?  Or is there something out there that you just hate doing? 


  1. hmmm..........since I have been working, I hate housework een more - this sounds like a good idea !


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