Wednesday, July 3, 2013

School Supply Cake for Ms. Sandy

My daughter's teacher celebrated her birthday at school the other day. I wanted to make something for her so a friend and I thought of doing a school supply cake. What teacher doesn't need more supplies??

I tried to use materials they currently use, so no glue sticks. I did want playdough but it was a last minute thought so I did it without.

Here is a quick how-to to make this. Sorry, no pictures during the process.

1) Take a circle of cardboard for the base and cover it with scrapbook paper. 

2) Use an individually wrapped roll of paper towels for the inside. Cover with folders, securing with rubber bands. I used 4, alternating between teal and red. 2 barely covered it and made it more of an oval shape. 

3) use several rubber bands around the towels so that you can add your first layer of crayon boxes. They should wrap all the way around.

4) stack the glue on the crayons boxes and secure with a rubber and. 
Using another rubber and near the top of the towels, add pencils and rulers. Keep them lined up together. 

5) next, get a clean tin can and secure markers to it using another rubber band. Add your disinfectant wipes inside the can and tuck your scissors into the can. 

6) now to decorate with ribbon. I used double sided tape to hold the ribbon on, but hot glue works as well. I also used the tape on the Snoopy Rosettes, make by my friend Van. The top one was secured onto a stick then tucked into the can.

Voila! Now you have a wonderful gift!

Thanks again Van for the wonderful rosettes and card! And for the ribbons and scrapbook paper! Saved me some time since my stuff is so disorganized! Lol!

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