Thursday, January 24, 2013

Art With Heart

A few days ago I visited a blog, Pixie Hill, one of my favorites, and found she was donating Valentine's Day cards for kids who are sick.  I loved the idea, so I visited the site, Inspiration Through Art, and thought this would be a great place to send all the ones I make as well as those that my daughter makes.  We always get those foam kits for her to use, she loves them.  We spent Saturday morning putting them together, which was quite a few.  Here are some pics of our morning, and yes, she is wearing Christmas pajamas!

My Valentine's were part of a kit, complete with adhesive, from American Crafts, because they spoke to my librarian heart. I just couldn't resist buying them.  There were simple to make, nice and colorful, so I thought they would be perfect for this cause as well.  I have others in mind as well, if I can get to them.  I have so many projects going on in my brain, it is hard to get them all finished!

They also need stamps, so if you aren't creative, send them some stamps to cover the cost of shipping.

Let me know if you participate in this worthy cause!

Happy Scrappy Savings!


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  1. Awww, so glad you and the little one are playing along. Those cards are a hoot!


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