Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Won a Prize at the Rubber Cafe!

Okay, WOW!  I won the grand prize at the Rubber Cafe's Blog Hop!!  This is so cool because the prize is awesome!  Check it out!

I get 3 cool stamp sets and an awesome fence die that can be used for rosettes too!  I cannot wait to get my hands on this prize!  I keep telling you it pays to read the blogs!  All of these awesome companies want to get their products out there we are doing our part by participating in the blog hops, sharing on Facebook, joining their blogs.  It takes a few minutes of your time, but you get some amazing inspiration for your time, and maybe, if you are lucky, a great prize. 

How to keep track of all of these wonderful hops and giveaways?  Use your blog!  On the left column of mine I keep a list of giveaways and hops that I did so that I can remember to check back for the winners.  If I want to follow for future ideas and such, I add them to my blog roll, which is on the right side under the blinkies.  That way I can see the latest posts from them, and usually that is how I find hops and giveaways.  I am usually following someone who is a designer for a hop.  Then I spread to word to my BFFs, add the blog to my giveaway list, and away we go!

On a different note, I know I haven't been creating much this week.  My 3 year old started school this past Tuesday and it has been crazy!  We are not used to waking up at such an early time and keeping a set schedule.  Both of my kids would sleep past 8 am if you let them.  Which is how I like it.  Now I can't stay up past their bedtime, I am so tired!  That is usually my creative time and all I want to do is rest! So it has been an adjustment to say the least! 

Be on the look out for some goodies soon.  I have a bunch of swaps and challenges for the next couple of weeks that need to be worked on.  Hopefully I can get them done and really start on Halloween stuff!  Can't wait to use all of my goodies from Gecko Galz.  You should check out their new collage sheets, which include Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite author of all time.  The digital stamps are also awesome.  I need to either win some challenges or whip out my plastic to get my hands on those!

Hope you have a good weekend, I am so far!

Happy Scrappy Savings!


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