Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun Swaps

Swaps are a fun way to get new supplies in exchange for parting with yours. It can help you save money, get new things, and doesn't usually take up any new space.
Gecko Galz recently did a Paris Flea Market themed swap, which I missed out on, where you sent themed supplies to a specific person. What I really liked about what I have seen in this swap was the creative packaging. Flowers wrapped in tissue paper tied with string, a jewelry box dresser which was altered, and an accordion file decorated in the theme. It gave me all kinds of ideas for future swaps, like wrapping the items in a doily, tied with ribbon.
My scrap friends and I are planning on doing a Vintage Christmas swap next month, so we will post details soon.
Many sites also do an art swap, where you can create a piece of art to swap for something made by another person. This includes mini books, ATC cards, coasters, etc. it is a fun and creative way for you to create and share your art. My family likes getting homemade gifts but only so much!
So here is a list of some swaps that are accepting people now. Happy Swapping!
Gecko Galz - Mini Book Swap, sign up by June 30th.
Gecko Galz - Secret Friend Swap! Sign up by June 20th.
Alpha Stamps - Birds in Hats Coaster Swap, sign up by June 24th.
If you know of any swaps going on, feel free to leave a link in the comments! Thanks!

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