Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pinterest Success!! Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Today is my Dad's birthday and my mom suggested an ice cream cake. I remembered a cake on Pinterest made from ice cream sandwiches, a favorite of ours, so we picked up the ingredients and made it in about 5-10 minutes!! It was delicious too!

Happy birthday Dad!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1st year Daisy Wrap-up

Our first year as a troop is over! Whew! Here is a look at some items we made in the last couple of weeks for the local strawberry parade and our end of year party.

Our newly crafted troop banner, which we hung as a background for our party.

Our "stage" aka my deck. Badge/law flowers on walls, painted egg carton flowers, goodie bags, flower decorations.

Invitations the girls made the week before. Really easy to make.

Recycled egg cartons that were cut then tied together with ribbon to make a fun banner. 

Flower friends printed from making friends.com and cut out for the girls to color. Gave them examples of the real colors for each flower. Taped them to sticks, added them to foam inside of flower pots from Dollar Tree.

Also too fake Daisy flowers, removed the centers and put them on straws for our lemonade dispenser.

Made goodie bags for every girl as well as our big sister helpers.

Included this in the goodie bags in a smaller bag. Easy to recreate on Word. The lip gloss was their favorite part. Party City had everything to put in it.

I combined a few ideas for how to present their badges. At our Arts and Crafts Day the week before, the made paper plate Law flowers that I had pre-cut and written the laws on each corresponding color. They also glued their picture in the center. I added ribbons with their 1 year pins, badges and fun patches they have earned, using hot glue. On the back was each law so that after I called them up, they lined up and recited the Girl Scout Law.

They also made handprints that I "planted" in my empty flower bed. It helped them to identify my house in case they forget which house was mine.

I had to include the trefoil shaped watermelon that one of the moms brought! She got the cookie cutter at the GS store. We used it for the banner too. Cute!!

One of the moms baked a cake which I decorated. It is hard trying to get all 11 colors!! I bought tubes because it is easier than tinting so many. I did have to take blue, green, purple, and red and mix white to get a light version since the Daisy flower includes both light and dark of same colors.

Here I am with my co-leader and my daughter. Yea!

We also marched in the Strawberry Festival Parade! I bought red hats at the Dollar Tree and one of the moms made felt strawberries as decoration. They loved the hats and an added bonus...we knew which Daisies were ours!!

Thanks for checking out our ideas! 
Happy Girl Scouting!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gecko Galz Retreat Creations

I had so much fun this weekend with the girls at the Gecko Galz Retreat in Texas!! I almost didn't make it out of the snow storm in Maryland, and my bag didn't show up until the middle of the night, but it was awesome!

Here are the projects I worked on:
Here is the tag I was working on for Heather's class. I finished it but forgot to take a picture. But I loved this pic with the watercolor spots that look like Lorax trees. 

Cards made during Leanbe's fabric class.

This frame was for a class as well, though Barbara gave us each the Friendship one as a gift.

Here is the kit I paid for.

This was the Altoid Tin challenge that we were to be prepared for. I used the butterflies from the collage sheet given to us.

Here are my best Galz! Penny won a free retreat for 4 in Louisiana so next year we are doing this again!!

It was great to be in Texas again (when it isn't hot) and hang with friends!!

Here are some pictures I found on the Gecko Galz Pinterest Board from the Retreat:

 Here are the winners of the Altoid Tin Challenge. My BFF Penny is the one in the middle.

 Here is my BFF Barbara, with her crown as we did a crown fashion show.

I made mine in a few minutes so I could join in the fun!

Here is the whole gang from the retreat. Leanne, the owner of Gecko Galz, is front and center.

Here is Heather in her borrowed crown!!

I won one of the drawings, for the beautiful necklace! Love it!

It was a great weekend!

Happy Scrappy Savings!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mari Petal - Responsible for What I Say and Do

Coloring Sheet and Snack (We used orange foods like oranges and carrots)
Spent the first 15 minutes coloring and eating.

We then did our Opening Circle, Promise, and Song.

New Business – I passed out new folders for each girl. It is for their important papers to and from parents. Also, they can put their artwork in there after they are finished. Keeps it nice in their bag and mom is sure to check for it. 

We read Mari’s Story to learn about this petal/law. We discussed the story at the end and talked about responsibility.

Group Project – I made this flower from a paper plate. We discussed what types of rules we should follow at a meeting. Since we were meeting in a new place, I wanted to go over the rules with them. They came up with these. And they wrote their name in the middle as their promise to follow them. I plan to bring this to each meeting so that we can remember the rules.

Crumpled Heart – I cut hearts from pink printer paper and had each girl crumple them. I told that that when we break a promise or do something that is hurtful to others, (represented by crumpling that paper), saying sorry doesn’t always fix it (trying to smooth it out and put bandaids on it). So it is better to act responsibly and not do the hurtful action to begin with.

Tissue Paper Marigolds – Cut 8-10 circles from tissue paper. Fray the edges by making small cuts. Crumple each one and smooth out again. Make hole in middle. Put pipe cleaner through. Crimp on both sides so it stays.
These were cool, but lots of adult help was needed as we didn’t have enough scissors and had to help them get the cutting done.

It was a fun meeting, smaller group, new meeting place.