Monday, March 9, 2015

Gecko Galz Retreat Creations

I had so much fun this weekend with the girls at the Gecko Galz Retreat in Texas!! I almost didn't make it out of the snow storm in Maryland, and my bag didn't show up until the middle of the night, but it was awesome!

Here are the projects I worked on:
Here is the tag I was working on for Heather's class. I finished it but forgot to take a picture. But I loved this pic with the watercolor spots that look like Lorax trees. 

Cards made during Leanbe's fabric class.

This frame was for a class as well, though Barbara gave us each the Friendship one as a gift.

Here is the kit I paid for.

This was the Altoid Tin challenge that we were to be prepared for. I used the butterflies from the collage sheet given to us.

Here are my best Galz! Penny won a free retreat for 4 in Louisiana so next year we are doing this again!!

It was great to be in Texas again (when it isn't hot) and hang with friends!!

Here are some pictures I found on the Gecko Galz Pinterest Board from the Retreat:

 Here are the winners of the Altoid Tin Challenge. My BFF Penny is the one in the middle.

 Here is my BFF Barbara, with her crown as we did a crown fashion show.

I made mine in a few minutes so I could join in the fun!

Here is the whole gang from the retreat. Leanne, the owner of Gecko Galz, is front and center.

Here is Heather in her borrowed crown!!

I won one of the drawings, for the beautiful necklace! Love it!

It was a great weekend!

Happy Scrappy Savings!


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  1. EEK! how fun and what great projects! So glad you didn't get caught in the snow storm. Hope to join the Galz sometime. xxD


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