Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Savings Plan

Are you like me and have TONS of sb supplies in your house that you never use, or won't use in this lifetime but can't seem to part with them?  Do you continue to buy all of that adorable stuff that is out there, without using much, if any of your stash??  Well, this plan is for you.  It was born of desperation, the yucky feeling I got in the pit of my stomach as I cleaned my studio, seeing the supplies that I wanted to keep but knew I couldn't get to using. 

The plan is to put a dollar into a jar for every page that I create.  This money is for future supplies, including necessities like adhesive.  You must use your existing supplies in order to fund your future ones.  Very simple, but very challenging.  Even among my tons of supplies, I lack "perfect" items that will just make my page awesome. This is where your creativeness will be put to the test. 

What if you don't have a lot of supplies?  Well, Kris is in that boat.  My supplies fill a room, hers fill a suitcase.  My solution for her?  Me!  I love to share my supplies.  I have a lot, so no problem.  If you don't have a friend with tons and is willing to share?  Be creative, use non-scrap items, anything to finish a page so that you can save money for your next shopping trip. 

Assignment:  Alter a container to keep your money, or IOUs.  This can be a tin, jar, whatever you want.  Post a link in the comments so that we can see what you created.  With your permission, I can post them on this blog to share.

So, who is with us?? 


  1. saw about this on the Tally Blog Roll--I think this is a FABULOUS idea! I am going to try it- haven't made a jar yet, but I will soon and I will post back here!

  2. That is awesome Zoa! Can't wait to see what you create!


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